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WH Unit 3 Project: Art History: Introduction

Henry VIII

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Project Overview

“The relationship between art and historical events has always been fundamental. Princes, monarchs, and powerful figures of every period have used art to glorify their exploits and hand down to posterity an image of their own choosing. Direct contact with power has always been one of the main motivations for artists of all periods to give an account of history—even if they are paid to glorify their masters…” (Febbraro, 9) In this essay you will have an opportunity to explore how great historical figures have chosen to demonstrate their power. In some portraits, you’ll even see how that power was gained or how it was used.

In understanding how History remembers its great heroes and villains, you’ll have an opportunity to understand how even today people still use artistic forms like photography, video, and paintings to glorify themselves and give an impression of their power.

Prompt for the Essay: Analyze a painting of a monarch or significant historical figure in order to respond to TWO of these questions: What is power? How is power gained? How should power be used?

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