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Important Dates

11/9/15 - Proposals Due

11/13/15 - 2 Source Dialogues Due

11/18/15 - 1 Source Dialogue Due

11/20/15 - 2 Source Dialogues Due

11/30/15 - Entire Packet Due

12/9/15 - Research Draft Due

12/14/15 - Final Paper Due

Project Description

How does the media impact your life and society as a whole?

You will spend the next month investigating how the media influences society.

The topic should involve the media’s influence on individuals or society. Secondly, your topic should be personally fascinating, controversial, or significant. Our world is full of obvious and subtle reminders of the changes that the media has triggered in our daily life. Are these media-induced changes beneficial to our society? What are their implications?

We will do brainstorming for your topic together in class, but you should consider a relationship between an aspect of the media and society, by filling in two of the words from the chart.

  • What impact does _________________have on _________________?

How Does Media Affect Me?

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If you are struggling and need help with any aspect of the paper, see your teachers. 

Ms. Johnson

Mr. Bernica

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