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Countdown till the exam!

Unit 1: Limits

Here you can find all of the resources we have used in class. For each day you will see a PDF of the slides, Lesson Handout, and Lesson Handout Answer Key.

9/17/2015: Finishing The Derivative:

Today we just finished up the handout from yesterday. Please see below.

9/16/2015: Limiting Rates

Today we took limits to a whole new level. We explored what happened to the slope of a secant line as the two points came closer and closer together. This led us to formulate a way to find the slope at one point by applying limits.

9/14/2015: QUIZ DAY!

Today we spent the first half of the class reviewing for the quiz, and the second block we took the first quiz!!

Unit 1: Assessments

UNIT 1 EXAM: 9/21/2015

Make-Up Assessments

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