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World Religions Capstone Project: Home

Project Resources

Major Dates

Monday April 27th - choose group mates & existential question

Tuesday April 28th - Answer three personal reflection quesitons

Monday May 4th - Source Dialogue #1

Thursday May 7th - Source Dialogue #2

Tuesday May 12th - Source Dialogue #3

Thursday May14th - Source Dialogue #4

Tuesday May 26th - Friday May 29th - Media Presentation

Friday June 5th - Written component

Project Description

Through our work together we have surfaced impossibly large questions, ones whose scope seems beyond any human being’s reach and yet at the same time are essential to life.

In front of these questions we have turned to the attempted answers found in the histories, cultures, and peoples of the major religious traditions of the world. Through dialogue with these faiths we have encountered a depth and breadth of thinking on how to embrace the essential questions of humanity and explored the ramifications of these answers on how one lives life in the present. These lenses have extended our horizons and helped us to empathize with others by understanding how the answers to the existential questions at the heart of existence in turn inform how one decides to live.

A final project still remains: the exploration of how you have understood the central question that captivates your curiosity with the assistance of conversation partners and your own experience. The medium for this project is twofold: a group media presentation where you collaborate to unpack the rich answers to your question found in the world’s religions and a personal reflection paper that synthesizes our work together to advance your thinking on a question of great importance. Definitive answers will prove elusive, but your exploration will inform how you grapple with a question of great importance and give you a path forward to continue your search for Truth.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? - Paul Gaugin (1897)

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If you are struggling and need help with any aspect of the paper, see your teachers. 

Mr. Scott

Mrs. Wagner

Mr. Brown

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