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WH Unit 8: Cold War Proxy Conflicts: Home

Cold War

Project Description

In this final Unit Project, you will be asked to create your own DBQ prompt, source set, and essay about one of the following Cold War Proxy Conflicts:

  • The Red Scare in the United States
  • The rise of Fidel Castro in Cuba
  • Soviet Russia in the Cold War
  • The Korean War
  • The Vietnam War

This entails:

  • Creation of a researchable, specific historical question
  • Creation of a background history abstract using secondary source researchChoice of 3 primary source documents with careful sourcing and contextualization annotations
  • Synthesis of primary and secondary source research (5 paragraph essay) to answer a historical question.
  • MLA Citation Page.


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If you are struggling and need help with any aspect of the paper, see your teachers. 

Ms. Brito

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