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Project Description

What was so progressive about the Progressive Era?

The Progressive Era (1890-1920) was a period of increased social activism and reform related to the growth of industry, urbanization, increased immigration, and technological advancements. This moment in history wasn’t all positive, however. The growth the United States experienced during this time period had many other effects that inhibited people from achieving their vision of the American Dream. Some of the struggles during this time period included: a growing gap between the rich and the poor, disenfranchisement of African Americans and poor whites, poor labor conditions, and lack of rights for women. Historians wonder how it is possible to have a movement of reform and still a society so deeply divided. During Unit Four we will undertake a research paper where you will examine a specific area of the Progressive Era in order to determine what was so progressive about it. In the end, you will decide, given your area of study whether or not this was an era to be praised or criticized.

Major Dates


Item Due

Due Date


Topic/Category Choice

Thursday Jan 28th

5 points (HW Grade)

Prelim Research Finished

Friday Jan 29th

10 points (HW Grade)

Research Questions

Friday Jan 29th

10 points (HW Grade)


Friday Feb 4th  

20 points (Quiz Grade)

Source Dialogues

Friday Feb 12th 

40 points (Quiz Grade)

Outline, Works Cited

Thursday Feb 25th   

20 points (Quiz Grade)

Rough Draft

Monday Feb 29th

30 points (Homework Grade)


Friday Mar 4th

100 points (Test Grade)

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