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WH Unit 8 2016: Cold War Proxy Conflicts: Home

Cold War

Project Description

Instructions: Below are possible topics you may research for your final World History DBQ. They are matched with their SPRITE categories, so pay attention to the topics you might find more interesting!

Soviet Union

  • Five Year Plans/Command Economies (P/E)
  • The Great Purge (P)
  • Arms Race (P/T)
  • Religious persecution (S/P/R)
  • Soviet propaganda (S/P)
  • The KGB (S/P)
  • The Berlin Wall (S/P/E)
  • Gender roles in the USSR (S/P/E)
  • Socialist Realism (Art in the USSR) (P/I)
  • School in the Soviet Union (S/P/I)
  • Samizdat (intellectual dissidents) (S/P/I

The United States

  • The Red Scare (S/P)
  • McCarthyism (S/P)
  • Hollywood and Communism (S/P/I)
  • Capitalist propaganda (S/P)
  • Communism and the Black Freedom Struggle (S/P)
  • The Space Race (P/T/E)
  • U2 spy plane incident (P/T)

Challenge Topics

Note: These will most assuredly be more difficult topics. You will need to do a lot of background research up front to fully understand these conflicts and their relationship to the Cold War.

  • The Korean War (S/P/T)
  • The Vietnam War (S/P/T)
  • Angolan Civil War (S/P)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis (S/P/T)


This entails:

  • Creation of a researchable, specific historical question
  • Creation of a background history abstract using secondary source researchChoice of 3 primary source documents with careful sourcing and contextualization annotations
  • Synthesis of primary and secondary source research (5 paragraph essay) to answer a historical question.
  • MLA Citation Page.


Need Help?

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If you are struggling and need help with any aspect of the paper, see your teachers. 

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